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Heart Pirates' Jolly Roger :iconredwinedroplets:RedWineDroplets 5 3


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Sworn Enemies - Part 12 [Trafalgar Law x Reader]
    Miss. Robin observed her students with a small smirk of amusement, watching as the young adults focus all of their attention on the assignment she had just assigned. Her blue eyes were especially fixated on two students in particular; [F/N] [L/N] and Trafalgar Law. She watched from her desk as you both wrote your hearts out with far more resolve in your eyes compared to the rest of the class.
    It was as if you two knew exactly what to write.
    Miss. Robin knew that once she had written the next assignment on the board, you and Law would go all out, and she allowed them. The next subject was all opinionated, and the task itself was not very hard to do.
    The instructor glanced towards the chalk board, her smile widening ever so slightly at the white text.
Do you hate your partner? If so, give a minimum of 3 reasons why you don’t like them.<
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Kiriban 40k watchers: Precious Wednesday :iconnanfe:NanFe 3,168 58 MtG: Fiery Temper :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 1,658 48 The Untold World main menu :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 1,773 29
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 38)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!
(F/C)= favorite color
You yawned widely from your bed just as Law came back from the bathroom, the both of you already prepared to sleep. His pajama consisted in plain, gray sweatpants, and yours in a comfy, (F/C) colored nightgown with straps. You covered yourself with the thin sheet to protect your body from the cool breeze that blew through the open window. You had picked the bed next to the window, so the breeze hit you directly.
"I'm going to turn off the lights." Law informed from his own bed.
"Mmmkay..." You sleepily replied. The bed was so comfortable... Besides, you always felt kind of sleepy after crying. A second later, the light faded leaving the full moon to bathe the room with its pale, silvery light. Unfortunately, the pleasant feeling of sleepiness faded along with the light, and you blinked in the semi-darkness, feeling fully awake. "Law." You heard him hum from his bed. "Do you snore?"
He chuckled. "I don't, a
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 40 57
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 37)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!
WARNING: This chapter may contain suggestive themes.
(E/C) = eye color
"Law." You quietly called him. You still were at the promenade, and some minutes had passed already since you accepted, but he hadn't released you from his hold yet, his face remaining in your neck and his arms tightly wrapped around your back. You could feel his warm breath puffing against your skin. It was strangely calming. "You can let go."
There was a short pause.
"No." Was his plain answer.
An amused smile tugged on your lips. "I'm not going to run away or anything."
"I wouldn't let you anyways." He bragged. Even with his face hidden from your view, you could see his conceited smirk.
"Will you let go, then?"
Another pause. You already knew the answer.
"No." You chuckled before snuggling his chest to make yourself comfortable.  "Does this bother you?" He hesitated.
"Not at all." You soothed him. In fact, you didn't really want him to release you, y
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 37 41
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 36)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!

"I would love to take a walk through the promenade." You commented when you exited the restaurant, having finished your dinner.
"Let's go then." Law encouraged you with a movement of his my head.
"Do you feel like it?"
"Of course." He smirked.
The night was pleasantly cool despite being summer, a soft breeze blowing through the palm trees, and the promenade's atmosphere was lively and relaxed, many people blithely rambling around, watching the dark sea illuminated by the full moon while sitting on the stone benches spread along the place or enjoying the refreshing, soft sand of the beach.
Law stopped to stare at the sea he had spent so many time away from. His home for so many years. He noticed just then he had missed it too. He almost expected to find his crew fooling around the shore and his submarine emerging from the water. It felt weird not seeing any of them, knowing they were in a completely different real
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 40 57
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 35)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!

Law's POV
As hard as it was being for me to believe it, we were actually here, waiting with our suitcases at a bus station for our bus to arrive, ready to spend ten days together at the beach.
We had picked up my hat from the dry cleaners, and thankfully it was more than saved, although I don't think I could ever forget what happened with it. I had left it at home, though. Knowing (Y/N)-ya found me more approachable without it, I thought it was a good idea to leave it aside while we were out.
I took a look at the screen where arrivals and departures were listed. Our bus still wasn't there, but I didn't think it would take too long. I turned to (Y/N)-ya's excited face. She was very happy to go to the beach, and her cheerfulness was always contagious.
"There it is!" She exclaimed pointing to the screen.
I took the bag with the food we had prepared for the journey and we headed to the parking lot indicated on the sc
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 39 60
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 34)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!
Law's POV
My eyes inspected my new suitcase, placed in a corner of my room and waiting for the day when I would fill it with clothes and other stuff, the corners of my lips tugging into a small smile. I had no idea how Esther-ya did it, but it seemed we actually were going to the beach in less than two weeks, where we would spend ten days.
Apparently, she had rented an apartment for herself but in the end, she was leaving with her family to somewhere else, so she had offered (Y/N)-ya to go instead, telling her it would be good for her to change of environment for some time. But I knew that the first part was just an excuse and she had rented the apartment for us. She told me (Y/N)-ya let her guard down when she was out on holidays because she felt more relaxed, so it was a great chance to ask her out and get a 'yes'. I was looking forward to it.
We also had plans for a wedding that was going to take place in September. S
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 42 69
Mature content
Deadly [LawxReader] [AU] [Part 06] :iconcyarana:Cyarana 11 8
Betrayal [Law x Reader] [Part 17]
Your brother cursed as he got closer to the submarine, grinding his teeth as he could feel that he was getting weaker as well. You had been right – although you were used to cold temperatures, having lived on such an island before, it had been too much. He needed a break – but first, you needed help. He was carrying you on his back, walking as fast as possible. He could feel your weak, warm breath through his hair. It worried him – he definitely had to hurry, but luckily, the Death was close. Otherwise, none of you would have survived this day.
Bepo was the first to notice you. He had been staying on deck because of the cold temperatures he liked and was used to. Thinking about that, he could have accompanied you without a problem. Well, better that he didn't as he immediately hurried to call the others. Your brother was sure of that, he had been on this ship for a few years after all.
When your brother arrived at the yellow submarine, Shachi and Penguin were already
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 15 4
Assemble pt10 ~ Final

        “This seems excessive…” Law states, looking over the battle gear you had equipped them all with.
         “Most of the androids in town are law enforcement, they’re built for combat, while the supernovas were supposed to be servant androids… Although I think we programmers were trying to be a bit more creative with your models…” You admit, sharing a glance with Shanks.
      “I cant wait to see what the ones you designed do.” He rumbles.
       “Pardon?” Drake asks.
       “Not only did we contribute to all the models, we were also allowed to design two androids, and work together on a third. Zoro and Luffy are my designs.” Shanks informs them.
       “Who did you design?” Luffy asks you curiously.
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